Bridging continents: ReadyForSocial's partnerships with Global Atlanta and NRW.Global Business

Bridging continents: ReadyForSocial’s partnerships with Global Atlanta and NRW.Global Business

By Ready For Social | Jan 23, 2024

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While we continue featuring our partnerships, it’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture. As a global company with employees around the world, global collaboration, communication, and partnerships are one of our core commitments.   

That’s why we are proud of our strategic partnerships with two influential organizations, Global Atlanta  and  NRW.Global Business. These alliances significantly amplify our reach, connect with diverse audiences, and foster international business growth.  

Keep reading to learn more about these two unique organizations and how they can elevate your business approach. 


Global Atlanta: nurturing local perspectives on a global stage  

For over three decades, Global Atlanta has been a trailblazer in chronicling Atlanta’s evolution into a hub for international business, education, and culture. Through personal, in-depth reporting, Global Atlanta tracks how local companies engage with the global economy and how foreign enterprises fuel Atlanta’s rise as an international business center.   

Through personal connections and a focus on day-to-day activities and events, this organization enriches our understanding of the global economy. It also helps us navigate the nuances of Atlanta’s dynamic international business landscape. The collaboration aligns seamlessly with our mission to inspire connections and build personal relationships, online and in person while promoting Atlanta as a global business center.  

NRW.Global Business: shaping global success from North Rhine-Westphalia  

 NRW.Global Business, the state-owned foreign trade promotion agency, is a gateway for companies seeking economic success in North Rhine-Westphalia and beyond. As Germany’s premier business location, NRW attracts global investors and houses companies with expansive growth potential.   

 With its international offices in the world’s key economic regions, NRW.Global Business supports companies with investment projects, identifies growth potential, and facilitates direct exchanges between businesses and investors. With our international and multicultural roots, this collaboration resonates deeply with our commitment to connecting businesses across borders and creating meaningful networks.  


ReadyForSocial’s intentions with the Global Atlanta and NRW.Global Business partnerships  

You can probably already guess that our collaboration with Global Atlanta and NRW.Global Business is multifaceted, aligning with diverse intentions, but let’s take a quick look at the details:  

  • Spreading the word: Through these partnerships, RFS aims to find new customers by leveraging the expansive reach and influence of both Global Atlanta and NRW.Global Business. The unique storytelling and extensive networks these organizations provide become invaluable in amplifying our message across diverse audiences.  
  • Talent acquisition in Germany: With high-profile clients in Germany and Europe, we often seek to expand our team in Germany, and these collaborations strategically support those efforts. The partnerships provide avenues to connect with potential employees and tap into the rich pool of talent in NRW.  
  • Meeting high-level individuals: Beyond business transactions, we continuously aim to connect with high-level individuals who can contribute to the company’s growth. These partnerships open doors to influential networks, creating opportunities for meaningful connections that go beyond the conventional realms of business.  

Partnerships like those with Global Atlanta and NRW.Global Business make us realize even more how interconnected today’s business world is. More importantly, though, they help us navigate the intersection of social selling and employer branding, attract new customers and find and engage top-tier talent. Let’s take a closer look!  


How partnerships can enhance your social selling approach  

The essence of social selling lies in building authentic connections between a company’s salespeople (and other employees, e.g., in product or marketing) and prospects and existing clients. This includes sharing relevant content, interacting with posts, and having conversations. Social selling isn’t really selling, but the goal is to accelerate the sales process and ultimately generate new business relationships and, ultimately, revenue.  

Partnerships can significantly enhance a company’s social selling approach. Collaborating with complementary partners can broaden your reach and introduce you to new audiences. Partnerships can also provide access to valuable resources, such as content creation or lead generation. Additionally, partnering with established businesses and organizations can lend credibility to your brand, making it more attractive to potential customers. To maximize the benefits of partnerships, choosing the right partners whose mission and goals are well-aligned with yours is essential. 


The role of partnerships in building a strong employer brand  

Employer branding focuses on cultivating a company’s reputation as an employer to future employees and talent. Professionals are increasingly turning to social media platforms to research potential employers and learn more about their values and real employee life, making a company’s online presence — and the social channels of their employees — a critical factor in attracting the right talent. Strategic use of platforms like LinkedIn not only showcases a company’s achievements and work culture but allows for direct engagement with potential candidates. Companies that actively engage in employer branding are more likely to appeal to top-tier talent seeking a job and a meaningful career with a company that aligns with their values.  

Similar to social selling, partnerships can lend additional reach and credibility to your employer brand and expose your brand to new audiences. You may be able to find talent and experts in your partner’s network, and your partners can provide valuable resources and professional development opportunities to your future employees.  


Strategies for success: leveraging social platforms  

Companies can adopt several strategies to harness the benefits of social selling and employer branding effectively. Here are a few quick tips we’d like to share with you:  

  1. Consistent brand messaging: Ensure the brand message is consistent across all channels, conveying the company’s values, mission, and workplace culture.  
  1. Employee advocacy programs: Encourage employees to become brand advocates on social media, sharing their experiences and insights. This strategy amplifies the company’s reach and adds a human touch to the brand.  
  1. Engagement with potential employees: Actively engage with potential candidates through social platforms. Responding to queries, showcasing employee success stories, and providing a behind-the-scenes look at the company fosters a positive employer brand.  
  1. Interactive content: Use interactive content, such as live videos, Q&A sessions, and virtual office tours, to engage customers and potential employees. This kind of content creates a dynamic online presence that appeals to a broader audience.  

In essence, enhanced through partnerships, both social selling and employer branding represent dynamic opportunities for companies to find new customers and attract and retain top-tier talent. By cultivating an authentic and transparent online presence, businesses can create a brand image that resonates with customers and employees, driving sustained growth and success.  


International partnerships in an interconnected business world  

Our partnerships with Global Atlanta and NRW.Global Business exemplify ReadyForSocial’s dedication to facilitating global connections, amplifying business reach, and creating a network that transcends borders. Since this was the last blog article in our partnership series, we are curious to hear your thoughts on our relationship-building techniques and whether you are working on new partnerships for your business. Share your thoughts with us on LinkedIn!  

Images by Pexels, Jörg Vieli, 12138562O, and Ted Erski on Pixabay