Ready For Social's new direction: Expanding horizons and embracing innovation

Ready For Social’s new direction: Expanding horizons and embracing innovation

By Ready For Social | Jul 8, 2024

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Change can be as challenging as navigating uncharted waters, but it’s also the force that propels you toward new horizons. The Ready For Social team is excited to start a new journey to expand globally and revolutionize social selling again. Our ambitious new direction positions us as a leader in social selling technology, driven by cutting-edge innovation and a dedicated team of professionals.

A bold new direction

“We are taking a new direction,” says Sander Biehn, CEO of RFS. At the center of the new approach is our technology that will help you and your team seamlessly integrate your brand and company’s guidelines into RFS. This step enables enterprises like yours to elevate their brand, position themselves as a pioneer of their industry, and look outstanding on social media.

“Our software has been so well received by large enterprises over the years,” Biehn said. “We have remained bootstrapped and fairly unknown in the broader marketplace, but we see expansion opportunities every way we turn. We have expanded into very unlikely vertical markets as a result.”

The partnership with the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) has been pivotal for international expansion and technological innovation.

“Our partnership at ATDC has made us aware that we have something special and should find a way to better expand through venture capital. This started us down a road for a new chapter,” adds Biehn.

His presentation at the ATDC Spring Showcase held at Morris, Manning & Martin garnered significant attention from the Atlanta investment community, setting the stage for our current growth trajectory.

To prepare for this expansion, RFS hired Greg Sloan as our fractional Chief Financial Officer, bringing financial expertise and purpose-driven leadership. Edie Woelfle is future-proofing our software and laying out a comprehensive product roadmap as new fractional Chief Technology Officer. Edie is future-proofing our software and laying out a comprehensive product roadmap.

Additionally, RFS is represented by the law firm Nelson Mullins.

Meet our new team members.

New team members are critical for RFS’s new direction. They bring fresh perspectives, diverse experiences, and specialized skills essential for driving innovation and growth. As we expand globally and enhance our technological capabilities, having a dynamic and experienced team is paramount.

Greg Sloan, Chief Financial Officer, combines financial acumen with a passion for purpose-driven leadership. Greg’s journey from Goldman Sachs to launching and selling his own wealth management firm underscores his commitment to making meaningful financial decisions and fostering a culture of intent and purpose.

Edie Woelfle, Chief Technology Officer, has a diverse background in game development, logistics, social media, fintech, IoT, and professional services. Her experience in scaling startups and managing teams at a Fortune 500 company positions her perfectly to lead our technological advancements.

Phil Forrester, Chief Success Officer, brings over twenty-five years of experience in sales, management, and training within the telecommunications and technology industries. His passion for inspiring growth and helping people succeed make him invaluable in driving organizational growth.

Justin Gill, Sales Director, brings 15 years of sales experience, including eight years in medical devices and five years in SaaS sales at various startups. His expertise in selling disruptive technology and his passion for sales excellence will drive our sales strategy forward.

These new leaders are not only experts in their respective fields but also share a passion for our mission. Their unique backgrounds in sales, finance, technology, and leadership equip us to tackle the challenges of our ambitious expansion plans, ensuring we deliver exceptional value to our clients and maintain our competitive edge in the marketplace. Their combined expertise will help us refine our strategies, optimize operations, and foster a culture of continuous improvement, ultimately propelling RFS to new heights.

Collaborating with venture capital firms

Our growth strategy includes collaborations with prominent venture capital firms. These firms are instrumental in helping RFS navigate its new direction by providing the necessary resources, strategic guidance, and industry connections. These partnerships also support us in scaling effectively.

With the much-anticipated investment we plan to secure in 2024, we can accelerate our technology development, expand our market reach, and attract top talent. An additional benefit are the strategic insights and networks of our new partners that will open doors to future collaborations and opportunities that align with our vision. By leveraging their expertise, RFS can navigate the complexities of global expansion and innovation, ensuring that our ambitious goals are met with confidence and efficiency.

Our commitment to Europe

While we are working on global expansion, we first focus on leaving a footprint in Europe, as we shared with you here.

We opened a new German GmbH company to exclusively serve our German clients and the NRW region. Our new base of operations is TechHub K67 in Düsseldorf. This premier address for growth startups will position us at the heart of innovation and entrepreneurship, allowing us to better serve our clients and partners.

Forging a close alliance with NRW Business Growth, we receive invaluable guidance from Eric Wallner and his team, who are helping us integrate into the local ecosystem. As our CEO Sander Biehn notes, “We wouldn’t know about TechHub K67 if it weren’t for NRW Global Business helping us. They are helping to make us feel at home in Düsseldorf and Germany by introducing us to cool people, events, and ecosystems to help us grow. We are already seeing the results with our new company in Germany: Thought Horizon Germany GmbH. Our customers in Germany are also beginning to notice and positively respond.”

Ensuring a Solid Foundation

To ensure our business ventures are on solid ground, we are forging a close alliance with Grant Thornton. As one of the world’s leading organizations of independent audit, tax, and advisory firms, Grant Thornton brings unparalleled expertise and insight to our expansion efforts. Their comprehensive tax, law, and accounting services have been and continue to be invaluable as we navigate the complexities of establishing and growing our presence in Germany. With their guidance, we can confidently pursue our new business ventures, ensuring compliance, optimizing financial performance, and strategically positioning ourselves for sustained success in the German market.

Off to new horizons

Setting off to new horizons can be challenging and seem daunting, but ultimately, taking on any journey is an exciting learning experience with invaluable rewards. With our technological advancements and strong partnerships, we will revolutionize social selling on a global scale. Stay tuned to the ReadyForSocial blog for updates on our journey and insights into the future of social selling.