Maximizing your ROI: Turning Digital X leads into lasting business relationships

Maximizing your ROI: Turning Digital X leads into lasting business relationships

By Ready For Social | Sep 25, 2023

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Digital X is Europe’s foremost cross-industry digitization initiative, spearheading the charge toward digital transformation. With over 300 domestic and international partners actively engaged in this endeavor, Digital X serves as a dynamic force bolstering the digital evolution of small and medium-sized enterprises. Over 250 esteemed speakers from politics, business, and science took the stage, offering deep insights and personal perspectives on digitalization.  

The ReadyForSocial team had a fantastic time at Digital X 2023 in Cologne, soaking in the energy and insights of the event. But now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and put those valuable connections and knowledge to work.

We all know conventions and events can be an absolute blast, but they also come with a price tag and a substantial time commitment. The real challenge often begins after the event wraps up. How do you ensure that your time and money investment continues to pay off, especially when it comes to staying engaged with your fellow Digital X attendees?

This article will delve into the art of post-event networking and content creation. Are you ready to learn how to maximize your ROI and get the most out of your carefully crafted, new business connections? Then, discover our key takeaways below:

How many ways can you follow up? 

The options may seem abundant when following up with fellow Digital X attendees, but choosing the right approach is essential to make a lasting impression. Promptness is critical here; reach out while the conference experiences are still fresh in everyone’s minds. Let’s explore various follow-up methods, each with its strengths and considerations:

1. Email follow-up:

  • Craft a personalized email expressing your pleasure at having met them.
  • Reference a specific point from your conversation to jog their memory.
  • Offer value by sharing resources or insights related to your discussion.
  • Example: “It was fantastic connecting with you at Digital X! I came across this insightful article [insert link] that aligns with our conversation about [topic]. I can’t wait to discuss the details with you.”

Tip: Email follow-ups are standard, so ensure your message stands out amidst the post-conference email influx. It helps to have a captivating subject line, offer unique value, and make your email as personal and concise as possible.

2. Connect on LinkedIn:

  • Send a personalized LinkedIn connection request, mentioning where you met and a memorable detail from your conversation.
  • This approach provides a more relaxed, isolated space for your message.
  • Example: “Hello [name], it was great discussing [topic] with you at Digital X. I’d love to connect here on LinkedIn and stay in touch.”

3. Social media engagement:

  • Follow your new contacts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or professional networks like LinkedIn.
  • Engage with their posts by commenting or sharing relevant content.
  • Use this method in conjunction with others, as it signals your interest but may not directly imply a follow-up request.

4. Thank you note:

  • If you exchanged business cards, consider sending a handwritten thank-you note expressing gratitude for their time.
  • This personal touch sets you apart and is memorable, as it’s less common in the digital age.
  • Example: “Dear [name], I am grateful for our discussion at Digital X. Your insights were invaluable. Best regards, [your name].”

5. Share helpful content:

  • If you find an article, book, or resource aligning with their interests, share it with a brief note explaining why you think it could be valuable.
  • This action isn’t about promoting anything but offering free knowledge.
  • Example: “I recently found an article that aligns with your interests in [topic]. I thought you might find it interesting [insert link]. Let me know what you think!”

6. Arrange a follow-up meeting:

  • Propose a follow-up meeting, whether in person, over a video call, or via phone.
  • Specify the agenda and how it could benefit both parties.
  • This approach may be more suitable for connections you knew before Digital X, as you have insights into their professional and personal attributes.


Subject: Follow-up meeting proposal

Dear [recipient’s name],

It was a pleasure connecting with you at Digital X, and I found our discussion about [mention a specific topic] so inspiring.

What do you think about scheduling a quick follow-up meeting to explore potential synergies and collaboration opportunities between our organizations?

Proposed Meeting Details: Date (suggest a few possible dates), time (specify a convenient time), platform (suggest a preferred platform, e.g., Zoom)

Agenda Highlights: Recap of Digital X insights, exploring collaboration opportunities, resource sharing, next steps

Your insights and expertise would be valuable in our continued discussions. Please let me know your availability or suggest an alternative time.

I look forward to collaborating for mutual success.

(your name & contact information)

Remember, the key is to keep the conversation going in a meaningful way. Your follow-up should not feel forced but rather be an organic continuation of the rapport you established at Digital X.

Create a reach-out plan.

Creating a comprehensive reach-out plan is crucial to ensure your follow-up efforts don’t go unnoticed. While it might seem persistent, reaching out through multiple channels increases your chances of getting a response. Consider crafting a multi-step approach, offering value at each touchpoint to keep the conversation going. Here’s an example plan:

• Initial contact: Connect on LinkedIn
Start by sending a personalized LinkedIn connection invitation. This approach ensures your message is seen in a less crowded space than email. Keep the initial message concise, expressing your interest in connecting and mentioning your meeting at Digital X.

Second contact: Send a thoughtful thank-you note
After connecting on LinkedIn, stand out by sending a heartfelt thank-you note. Express gratitude for your conversation at the conference and recall specific discussion points. Invite them to connect with you on social media to strengthen your online presence.

Third contact: Engage on social media and share relevant content
To maintain their interest, engage with their social media content. Like, comment, and share posts related to their interests. This demonstrates your appreciation for their content and shared interests. If you want a more personalized touch, consider sending relevant articles directly to them.

Fourth contact: Combine methods for a personalized approach
Combining these approaches into one concise plan showcases your commitment to fostering an individualized connection. Being grateful and attentive demonstrates your dedication to a meaningful professional relationship.

Remember, initiating a conversation often takes multiple touchpoints, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t receive a response after your first attempt. Consistent, thoughtful follow-up is key to building lasting connections after events like Digital X.

Perfect the content strategy.

Perfecting your content strategy post-Digital X is essential for staying connected with your new contacts and showcasing your thought leadership. Here are some effective content ideas to consider:

• Reflecting on the insights from Digital X 2023
Share a reflective post highlighting your key takeaways and reactions from the conference. This gives your audience a glimpse into your experiences and what you learned.
For example: “Just returned from an amazing experience at #DigitalX2023! The discussions on [mention key topics] were eye-opening. Excited to apply these insights in my work!”

• Expressing gratitude to the organizers
Show appreciation to the event organizers, demonstrating your character and recognizing their hard work.
For example: “Hats off to the organizers of #DigitalX2023 for putting together an exceptional event. The caliber of speakers and sessions was truly impressive!”

• Discussing favorite sessions
Share your favorite sessions from the conference, showcasing your interests and allowing others to engage by sharing their experiences.
For example: “The session on [mention specific topic] at #DigitalX2023 was a game-changer for me. Kudos to the speaker for the deep insights!”

• Sharing inspiring quotes or insights
Share impactful quotes or insights you gained at Digital X to reveal your values and character.
For example: “One of my favorite takeaways from #DigitalX2023: ‘[insert an impactful quote or insight].’ Let’s keep pushing boundaries!”

• Setting goals based on insights
Announce and share goals inspired by Digital X, demonstrating your motivation and attracting a larger audience interested in your journey.
For example: “After #DigitalX2023, I’m committed to [mention specific goal or action] to enhance our digital strategy. Exciting times ahead!”

• Sharing actionable steps
Go beyond goal-setting by sharing actionable steps showing your commitment to self-improvement and growth.
For example: “Putting into practice the strategies discussed at #DigitalX2023. Step 1: [mention specific action]. Excited for what’s to come!”

While not all your posts need to focus on Digital X, it’s important to emphasize that you attended and learned something valuable. LinkedIn prioritizes showing your content to recent connections, so sharing insights after the event will engage and impress your new contacts.

Extra tip: To view your most recently added LinkedIn connections, go to: My network > Connections > Sort by: Recently added (this is the default setting). This trick will help you stay organized in reaching out to your new connections.

Share your voice in the comments. 

Sharing your voice in the comments section is a powerful way to engage with your new connections and stand out. Here are some effective strategies for leaving meaningful comments on their posts:

• Referencing the conference or event:
If the post is related to Digital X, acknowledge your meeting at the event and express your interest in continuing the conversation on LinkedIn.
For example: “It was great meeting you at the Digital X conference. I’m glad we could connect here on LinkedIn to continue the conversation.”

• Acknowledging mutual interests:
Focus on common interests when commenting on their posts. Highlighting shared passions or industries provides an excellent starting point for meaningful discussions.
For example: “I noticed we share a passion for [shared interest or industry]. I’d love to connect and exchange ideas.”

• Complimenting their work:
If they’ve recently achieved success or you admire their work, take the opportunity to give credit and express admiration. Recognizing their contributions can lead to positive interactions.
For example: “I’ve been impressed by your contributions in [specific field or industry]. Your recent [mention something they’ve achieved] was particularly inspiring.”

According to a LinkedIn study, users who engage with content by commenting receive up to 7x more likes, 4x more profile views, and 3x more connection requests. This data highlights the importance of meaningful comments in building connections and visibility on the platform.

But remember not to spam comments, as this can negatively impact you. Instead, aim for quality over quantity. Consistently engaging with thoughtful comments on their posts will increase your visibility and interest from your connections.

Different ways to reflect. 

When crafting your reflection post after Digital X, you want it to stand out among the typical “I’ve been there” posts. Here are some key features and best practices for creating a compelling Digital X reflection post:

Highlight key experiences:
Include the highlights of your experience at Digital X. Was there a particular presentation or speaker that left a significant impression? Did you meet interesting people? Share these highlights in your post.
Example 1: “The keynote by [speaker name] on [topic] was particularly enlightening, shedding light on the future of [industry/technology]. One key lesson I’m carrying forward is the importance of [key takeaway/insight].”
Example 2: “Grateful for the invaluable learnings at #DigitalX2023. Key takeaway: [mention specific takeaway]. Looking forward to implementing this in my strategy!”

Embrace learning moments:

Digital X’s panels often provide insights into the future of digitization and emerging technologies. Share what you learned about new technologies or strategies.
Example: “I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some key takeaways that will shape how I approach [specific aspect of your work or industry]. Here are a few insights that stood out for me: [embracing emerging technologies]. The discussions around [mention specific technologies, e.g., AI, blockchain, IoT] reinforced the importance of staying on the cutting edge. Exciting times ahead!”

Use event hashtags:
Include event hashtags like #DigitalX and #BeDigitalStayHuman in your post. Posts with event tags tend to receive 50% more engagement, as Digital X attendees monitor these tags for event-related content. This statistic is based on analyzing social media posts during previous Digital X events, comparing engagement on posts with and without event hashtags. Engagement was calculated as the sum of likes, comments, and shares on posts with event hashtags compared to posts without.

Tag key individuals:
If your post mentions specific people you met or interacted with at Digital X, tag them in your post. According to Campaign Monitor, posts with personalized messages receive 41% more click-throughs. Mentioning and tagging individuals helps you connect with your audience and acknowledge those you met at the conference.

Use Call-to-Actions (CTA’s):

Include CTA’s at the end of your post to encourage further discussion and engagement from your audience. Here are some examples of CTA’s to use:

  • What innovation did you discover for yourself?
  • What inspired you the most?
  • What impressed you the most?
  • Tell me, what was your experience?
  • What did you learn?
  • Is this really feasible?

By following these best practices, your Digital X reflection post will not only stand out but also engage your audience and foster meaningful discussions.

Unlocking success with Digital X leads: Your path to lasting business relationships.

In the dynamic world of business networking, nurturing Digital X leads requires a thoughtful approach. From crafting personalized follow-ups to strategizing your content, these small but impactful details pave the path to success. As you embark on this journey, remember that consistency is your ally, and with each interaction, you inch closer to forging lasting business relationships.

Were there insights in this article that surprised you? How did you shape your Digital X reflection post? We’re eager to hear your thoughts and experiences. Share them on our LinkedIn page, and let’s continue the conversation on maximizing your ROI and building enduring connections in the digital landscape. Your insights could inspire others on their journey to success.

Photos by Dennis Kummer, NASA, and Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash