How to incorporate LinkedIn hashtags in 2023 like a pro

How to incorporate LinkedIn hashtags in 2023 like a pro

By Ready For Social | Aug 14, 2023

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Hashtags have a complicated history on LinkedIn. First, they were removed due to “poor user response.” Next, they were only available on the mobile app before reappearing on the browser version in 2017. Today, hashtags are integral to increasing a post’s visibility and reach. But how do you make the most of them? The key is to be strategic and specific, as that will direct your post to the eyes of your target audience.

By incorporating relevant and industry-specific hashtags into your posts, you can amplify the reach of your content and establish connections with individuals interested in associated topics. While the general idea of hashtags is simple, there are a few tricks to lift their performance to the next level.

In this guide, we will delve into the art of using hashtags on LinkedIn effectively, exploring tips and best practices to maximize your professional presence on the platform.

Choose relevant hashtags.

Choosing relevant hashtags is essential for maximizing the impact of your content on social media platforms like LinkedIn. When selecting hashtags, it’s crucial to align them closely with your post’s core message and your target audience’s interests. By opting for appropriate hashtags, you increase the chances of your content being discovered by users who genuinely care about the subject matter, resulting in higher engagement, meaningful interactions, and potential connections with like-minded professionals.

On the other hand, using irrelevant or generic hashtags can dilute your message and lead to disinterest or frustration among users seeking specific content. A strategic approach to selecting relevant hashtags will not only enhance your post’s visibility but also position you as an informed and valuable contributor within your industry’s online community.

Incorporate hashtags in posts.

Incorporating hashtags in your LinkedIn posts is a powerful strategy to increase the visibility and discoverability of your content. By carefully choosing relevant and industry-specific hashtags, you can effectively reach a broader audience and attract professionals interested in your topics. When crafting your post, seamlessly integrate the hashtags within the text to avoid appearing spammy or distracting. Remember to keep the number of hashtags concise, typically ranging from 3 to 5, as LinkedIn’s professional environment values quality over quantity. 

Here is a simple example: “Super excited to attend #conference2023 next week! #ProfessionalDevelopment #Networking” 

By embracing this practice, you can harness the potential of hashtags to foster engagement, build connections, and establish yourself as a valuable voice within your industry. 

Add hashtags in comments.

If you want to keep your post clean without showing too many hashtags, you can add them in the comments section after publishing it. This approach won’t clutter the main post but still make your content discoverable through hashtag searches. Adding hashtags in the comments lets you target specific keywords and topics, connecting your post to relevant hashtag communities and attracting potential readers interested in those subjects. 

Moreover, since LinkedIn is more business-oriented, keeping hashtags in the comments ensures your post remains focused on valuable insights and engaging discussions while capitalizing on the advantages of using hashtags to boost visibility and engagement.

Use industry-specific hashtags.

Did you know that utilizing hashtags commonly used within your industry helps you connect with professionals interested in similar topics? This targeted approach ensures that your posts are seen by individuals who are genuinely interested in the content you share, fostering meaningful engagement and potential networking opportunities. 

Whether it’s highlighting the latest trends, sharing insights, or promoting your brand, industry-specific hashtags help position you as an authoritative voice and attract the attention of the right audience, ultimately elevating your professional presence on the platform.

Avoid overused or irrelevant hashtags.

While hashtags can enhance your content’s discoverability, using excessively popular or unrelated ones might dilute your message and attract an audience that is not genuinely interested in your content. Instead, focus on choosing hashtags specific to your industry, niche, or topic, ensuring they accurately represent the essence of your post. 

By doing so, you’ll reach a more targeted and engaged audience, increasing the likelihood of meaningful interactions and valuable connections. Remember, quality and relevance should always trump quantity when it comes to incorporating hashtags in your LinkedIn strategy.

Follow hashtags.

LinkedIn allows you to follow specific hashtags. By following relevant hashtags, professionals can curate their feeds to include posts related to their industry, career goals, or areas of expertise. This feature ensures that users do not miss important updates, insights, and discussions related to the topics they care about most.

Following hashtags also presents an excellent networking opportunity, as it enables users to connect with like-minded individuals and join conversations within their niche. Whether staying up to date with industry trends, finding potential job opportunities, or simply expanding one’s knowledge, “Follow Hashtags” empowers LinkedIn users to tailor their experience and make the platform an even more valuable resource for professional growth.

Engage with hashtag communities.

Like and comment on other posts that use the same hashtags. Engaging with these communities can increase your visibility and help you build valuable connections. This interaction boosts your visibility within those communities and enables you to establish yourself as a valuable contributor and thought leader. 

Engage thoughtfully, share insights, and build relationships with other community members, as this can lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and a network of supportive peers who share common interests and goals. But remember: Successful engagement is a two-way street, so be genuine in your interactions and open to learning from others while sharing your own expertise and perspectives.

Where will you use hashtags?

In conclusion, effectively using hashtags on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your content’s visibility and broaden your professional network. By carefully selecting relevant and industry-specific hashtags, you can ensure your posts reach the right audience and generate meaningful engagement. 

It is essential to strike a balance between incorporating hashtags naturally in your posts and avoiding overuse to maintain a professional tone. Additionally, creating a branded hashtag and following relevant ones allows you to build a sense of community and stay updated on trending topics within your niche. 

As you monitor the performance of your posts over time, you can refine your hashtag strategy, leveraging their power to establish your expertise, foster valuable connections, and maximize your impact in the LinkedIn ecosystem. Remember that using hashtags on LinkedIn is not as prevalent as on other platforms like Instagram or Twitter. However, when used wisely, they can still be a valuable tool to expand your reach and connect with the right audience.

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