How can a blog elevate your business?

How can a blog elevate your business?

By Ready For Social | Jul 1, 2022

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Are you interested in expanding your digital presence? Then adding a blog to your website is an absolute must. You read that correctly: Blogging, despite new tools and apps, is neither outdated nor dead. Instead, it is an absolute must-have in today’s digital world.

If you’re still unsure or don’t believe that a blog can do anything to boost your sales, prepare to have your mind changed as you read on!

A definition of the modern blog

Let’s first take a look at what a blog actually is. Webster’s defines a blog as “a regular feature appearing as part of an online publication that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commentary by one or more authors.”

Did you think blogging was just for foodies or fashionistas? Don’t be fooled. Include blogs as a regular feature on your website. You will see plenty of beneficial results for your business!

Not your blogger’s blog

Throw everything you thought you knew about blogs out the window because a blog can be anything you want it to be—as long as it serves your business. After all, it’s an inexpensive, simple way to generate content, promote your business, and solidify your brand. It can be formal or informal, educational or fun. However, you should aim for language and style that best target your perfect audience.

While blogs are quick and easy tools, they offer a lot of leverage and advantages you might not think of immediately. So let’s take a look at what modern blogs—when done right—can offer you:

1.2Expand your digital marketing strategy.

Increased web traffic is one of the most direct results you’ll see in your business from adding blogs to your website. Blogs and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) go hand-in-hand. The more blogs you generate, the more opportunities you have to get organically on the search engine radar (versus paying for Google Ads). This works by keeping a short list of keywords targeted to your brand, services and desired audience. In crafting your blog, you must keep SEO at the top of your mind and ensure that your article has relevant keywords sprinkled throughout to see results.

2.2Turn leads into social selling success.

Your newly gained website traffic is only the start, as eventually, those views will convert to leads. People want to work with companies and brands they trust. Building credibility and personality through your blog is a fantastic way to do that. Rather than discovering your company through an ad, the customer genuinely gets to know and be comfortable with your brand, which creates long-term loyalty once your audience becomes customers. Growing your online presence with blogs will allow these leads to happen more naturally and frequently.

3.2Use internal linking for your digital marketing approach.

Blogs are an ever-rotating feature on your website that enable you to promote internal links you want people to go to. Think of blogs as an extra hand guiding your website experience and navigating your audience to exactly where they need to be in order to convert to customers. Let’s look at an example: If we wanted you, as the reader, to learn about Ready For Social’s services, we could simply place an internal link to it here. As an added bonus, internal linking also helps with SEO – so you’re truly reaping double benefits with just one blog!

4.2Leverage your blog for spreading news and receiving real-time feedback.

Customers and clients, both old and new, won’t know what is trending with your business unless you put it right in front of their faces. Blogs are a handy tool for keeping your audience informed and updated. You can use it to introduce new projects and services, educate on the value and need for your services, and push content for whatever is on your marketing agenda.

And remember: These blogs aren’t a one-way conversation. Your blog is a place where people can leave comments and give you real-time feedback. This valuable but free input helps you improve and mold your business for extreme customer satisfaction. Businesses are constantly striving for new ways to engage with their audience. A well-written and relevant blog sets the stage for that.

5.2Keep your readers hooked with a newsletter.

Regularly writing blogs isn’t enough to keep the conversation with your audience going. You want your readers to be the first to know what’s new with your business and when you publish another article. So keep them posted! How? With a newsletter!

Yes, blogs can even help you to build your email database! Once your audience realizes you are sharing relevant content on your blog, they will want to sign up for your company’s email marketing or newsletter list. From there, you have an immediate way to reach your clients at any given time. Blogs are what help you to start that journey of ultimate customer connection.

Reap the benefits of a professional blog

From expanding your digital marketing strategy to strengthening your customer relations to turning readers into clients, blogs offer you a wide array of benefits you don’t want to miss out on. So get to work if you don’t have a blog just yet. Or tell us about the advantages your blog has brought your business in the past.

Has a blog ever helped you gain business? What kind of helpful customer feedback did you receive on your blog? Comment below—we’d love to hear about it!

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