How to harness social media to recruit qualified personnel

How to harness social media to recruit qualified personnel

By Ready For Social | Nov 1, 2021

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A strong social media presence is essential for building relationships with potential customers. But that’s not all! Online tools can also help you recruit qualified workers who are just as crucial for your company’s success as new clients. In fact, social media has become integral to the hiring process, given that 29% of job seekers use it as their primary search tool. Young professionals are particularly likely to use the internet for business purposes. So if you are seeking motivated employees who are just beginning their careers, social media is crucial. 

Online engagement is useful for multiple aspects of the hiring process, including referral programs, job postings and candidate evaluations. Harnessing digital strategies will help your company find the best talent and prove that your team is the place for them. 

Are you still wondering how you should use social media for your company’s hiring approach? We have some simple tips for you right here. 

Build a solid network to earn referrals 

Referrals are an excellent hiring tool. Many companies consider them more effective than traditional recruiting, and it’s often easy to fill positions when an existing employee or business connection can vouch for a candidate.  

To ensure that your employees are willing to recommend your company to others, make sure they’re satisfied with your culture. Do you need to spend more time on long-term planning? Does communication need to be more streamlined? Are you upholding a culture of shared responsibility? Social media can be a powerful tool for facilitating cultural shifts.  

Consider conducting surveys about company culture for your employees and sharing the results to highlight goals for growth. You can also set the tone for your organization and support positive norms by celebrating shared achievements, spotlighting your employees and thoughtfully selecting the materials you post. 

At the same time, social media can help you build a large, diverse network of experts beyond your company’s roster who may be able to provide referrals. A reputation for listening to employees’ voices will make your business connections feel confident about referring friends and acquaintances to you. 

Get talented workers interested in your business 

Although referrals are ideal, you should cultivate a strong traditional recruiting program as well. Your social media page is often the first impression for candidates who don’t already have a personal connection to your business. In fact, your online presence can help you reach passive candidates—workers who aren’t actively preparing to leave their current job but are open to positions that would be a better fit for them.  

These candidates may not spend much time looking at websites dedicated to recruiting, but your company can pique their interest by demonstrating its rich culture and cutting-edge knowledge on social media. If they’re impressed, these passive candidates may consider applying for positions you publicize. 

To find top candidates, make sure to post and interact on the platforms where they’re likely to spend the most time. For example, when seeking to hire a graphic designer, consider posting on Instagram, which is visually oriented. When you need to fill an accounting position, traditional LinkedIn posts may be the most useful. You can also post in groups dedicated to particular professions on LinkedIn to reach a smaller target audience.  

Showcase your strengths to attract top applicants 

Your posts should demonstrate that your company is a rich, vibrant place to work. Cultural elements are important to potential applicants, and team-oriented posts such as group photos and shout-outs for current employees can inspire them to imagine themselves working with you. At Thought Horizon, we use the Stories feature on several platforms for informal posts celebrating team members’ birthdays and work anniversaries.  

It’s also important to showcase your company’s strong position in your field and highlight what differentiates you. It could be an award or certification, a track record of retaining employees for decades, or the capacity to meet the needs of large and influential clients. Showcase your expertise by sharing valuable content, like articles about new technology and observations about challenges in your industry. If the top professionals in your field come to you for interesting updates, you’ll be in the back of their minds when it’s time for a career change. 

When you post a job opportunity online, make sure to share it on your company’s social media accounts in addition to recruiting sites. Asking your employees to share the post on their own pages as well can significantly expand its reach. In addition, if they’re willing to share their experiences, you can provide current employees’ contact information with the job posting so interested candidates can reach out to learn more about the position. Overall, be sure to harness the power of social media to distribute posts widely while still conveying a sense of team spirit and personal connection. 

Research candidates to ensure an ideal fit 

Just as job seekers will form an opinion of your business based on your online presence, social media can facilitate your candidate evaluation process. One possible strategy is to actively seek candidates through platforms’ search features. On LinkedIn, you can search for professionals with relevant interests who are located near you. On Twitter, you can search for hashtags related to your business to see who has tweeted about those topics and take a closer look at their accounts. 

Candidates’ social media posts and profiles can help you learn more about them, whether you’re considering reaching out to them or they’ve already applied for a position. Knowing about their hobbies, volunteer work and interests can often shed light on whether their personality is a good fit for your organization.  

Sometimes, their level of activity can be an important factor as well. If the position requires social media skills, consistent posts are a good sign. However, sparse internet activity doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. A private Instagram account or a personal Facebook page that’s been inactive for a few months can demonstrate sensible boundaries between work and personal life—or a desire to avoid spending too much time on the internet. Only you can decide what constitutes a great fit for your company, but it’s smart to be open to candidates with a range of approaches to social media. 

Use online tools for your next hire 

In general, social media has become integral to the hiring process. Posting thoughtful, consistent content can help you attract the best talent in the field, and social media is often a key tool for researching candidates. By using social media as a gateway to in-depth conversations and personal connections with prospective employees, you’ll be well on your way to making successful hires. 

How do you use social media to recruit workers or explore new opportunities? Let us know in the comments section! 

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