Cultivating harmony: our partnership with Peace Harmony Joy Alliance 

Cultivating harmony: our partnership with Peace Harmony Joy Alliance 

By Ready For Social | Jan 16, 2024

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New year, new beginning. But before jumping into everything new, we still need to finish our blog series that focuses on our unique partnerships. If you have been following our blog posts, you know that we have shared our special bonds with TIE Atlanta, the Atlanta CEO Council, and ATDC.

This week, and in the spirit of fostering connections and contributing to meaningful causes, it’s time to introduce our partnership with Peace Harmony Joy Alliance (PHJ). This alliance represents a shared commitment to awakening peace, harmony, and joy within individuals, with others, and across the world. We couldn’t think of a better motto to start into 2024, could you?  

PHJ’s mission: teach, connect, facilitate  

PHJ operates with a profound mission: to awaken peace, harmony, and joy for individuals and communities. Their three-pronged approach—Teach, Connect, Facilitate™—embodies the belief that the power to experience a better life lies within each of us.   

Here’s a quick glimpse into each element of their mission:  

  • Teach: PHJ builds teams of Ambassadors from diverse backgrounds who share personal experiences and principles for living peaceful, harmonious, and joyous lives.  
  • Connect: The organization brings together like-minded individuals, groups, and programs to share successes and create synergies.  
  • Facilitate: PHJ actively unites people, teams, and communities with the programs and tools necessary to integrate PHJ principles into daily living.  

PHJ is a force for good we want to support.  

PHJ collaborates with numerous non-profits, collectively boasting about 500 board members. Their mission is truly altruistic, focusing on creating positive transformations within individuals and communities.  

 The organization’s dedication to spreading positivity takes a literary form as well. PHJ curates a collection of recommended books within a dedicated section on its website, offering a rich tapestry of wisdom, insight, and inspiration crafted by some of the most gifted authors in history. Each meticulously chosen quote serves as a beacon of light, resonating with the simple yet powerful virtues that shape our existence—the pursuit of peace, the quest for harmony, and the embrace of joy in every moment. In this literary haven, PHJ invites individuals to explore profound insights that align with their mission of awakening peace, harmony, and joy in every reader’s heart.  

Additionally, the organization promotes mindfulness and wellbeing programs by bringing together individuals who can build programs centered around these topics. This community-driven initiative creates a space for positive change and personal growth.  

ReadyForSocial’s commitment and intention with the PHJ partnership:   

Our team at ReadyForSocial is honored to contribute to PHJ’s mission by managing their social media. We aim to amplify their message and reach a broader audience through our expertise.  

 We believe that PHJ embodies the spirit of happiness and goodness. Their community is composed of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact, aligning with their mission of fostering joy and harmony – and we want to be a part of the journey.   

 But that’s not all. Our intention goes beyond business—it’s about giving back and participating in a purpose that resonates with the core of our values. We are privileged to work alongside PHJ, contributing our social media expertise to help amplify their message.  

Social Selling for non-profit organizations  

 While we are talking about our partnership with PHJ, it is interesting to look into the unique details non-profit organizations should consider when thinking about social selling.   

  • Empowering the mission through connections: Social selling for non-profits goes beyond conventional fundraising strategies. It’s about forging authentic connections, telling compelling stories, and creating a community of engaged supporters. We have worked with multiple non-profits and witnessed firsthand how social media platforms serve as dynamic canvases for non-profits to share their narratives, showcase the impact of their work, and invite individuals to be active participants in their missions. By leveraging these platforms strategically, non-profits can build a network of advocates who champion their cause, driving both awareness and support.  
  • Turning engagement into action: It’s also critical to remember that the social selling journey for non-profits is not just about numbers; it’s about converting engagement into meaningful action. RFS has successfully assisted non-profits in crafting resonant messages, optimizing their online presence, and strategically targeting audiences who align with their mission. Through carefully curated content, compelling visuals, and strategic engagement, these organizations can inspire action—be it donations, volunteerism, or simply spreading the word. Social selling empowers non-profits to transcend geographical boundaries, connecting with a global audience passionate about making a difference.  

As you can see, social selling is a dynamic strategy that equips non-profits with the tools to turn online engagement into tangible impact. RFS is proud to contribute to this transformative journey, where the art of social selling becomes a catalyst for positive change, propelling non-profits toward a future where their missions resonate with a broader audience, leaving an indelible mark on the world.  

A collaboration for 2024 and beyond  

As we embark on this journey with Peace Harmony Joy Alliance, we look forward to a harmonious collaboration that strengthens our partnership and contributes to a more peaceful and joyous world. Stay tuned for updates on our joint initiatives and the positive impact we aim to create together. ReadyForSocial and PHJ are united in our mission to spread happiness and make the world a better place, one connection at a time. 

Photos by fauxels on Pexels.