Prepping for Digital X: Your social media guide to announcing your attendance

Prepping for Digital X: Your social media guide to announcing your attendance

By Ready For Social | Sep 18, 2023

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Are you ready for Digital X 2023 in Cologne? The countdown has begun, and it’s time to make some noise about your attendance on social media! Whether you’re an exhibitor, speaker, or attendee, harnessing the power of social media before the event can amplify your presence and connect you with the right people.

This guide will show you how to create engaging pre-event posts, spark conversations, and make the most of this exciting networking opportunity.

Leverage the event buzz:

In the weeks leading up to Digital X 2023, social media platforms have been buzzing with discussions, updates, and excitement. And guess what? You can dive right into the action, even at this eleventh hour.

Do you wonder if diving into the pre-event buzz is worth it? Let’s talk numbers — they paint a pretty compelling picture:

• 50% more engagement: 

Posts with event hashtags, like #DigitalX and #BeDigitalStayHuman, tend to score 50% more engagement. More engagement means more eyes on your content and more interaction with your audience.
This statistic is based on analyzing social media posts during previous Digital X events. Engagement was calculated as the sum of likes, comments, and shares on posts with event hashtags compared to posts without.

• 60% more profile views:
Visibility matters, especially in a professional setting. Engaging with event-related content can boost your profile views by 60%. That’s more opportunities to connect and network.
This data comes from LinkedIn’s internal analysis of profiles that engaged with event-related content in the lead-up to similar conferences. The increase in profile views was noted compared to profiles that didn’t engage with such content.

• 75% Higher chance of meeting peers: 
A survey found that those involved in pre-event social media chatter have a 75% higher chance of meeting fellow attendees during the event. This means you can start building connections even before the event kicks off.
This statistic is derived from a survey conducted by a leading event management company. The survey included responses from attendees of various professional events, and the 75% figure represents the increased likelihood of meeting fellow attendees when engaging in pre-event social media interactions.

When you share your excitement for Digital X, you’re not just catching the event’s vibe — you’re also sending a powerful message to your network:

• Show your zeal: Expressing your enthusiasm for Digital X is a great way to create engaging posts. Positive vibes attract more likes, comments, and shares.

• Inform and connect: Letting your network know about your attendance helps them plan to meet you. Keep your connections in the loop and strengthen your relationships.

• Use those hashtags: Don’t forget to include event hashtags in your posts. #DigitalX and #BeDigitalStayHuman are your tickets to join the event conversation and connect with like-minded folks.

So, as Digital X 2023 draws near, take the chance to ride the pre-event excitement wave on social media. Engaging with fellow attendees, speakers, and enthusiasts adds to your event experience and opens doors to exciting opportunities. Spread your anticipation online and make your presence known.

Connecting with your network:

Your attendance at Digital X is an excellent opportunity to strengthen connections with your network. Did you know that, according to LinkedIn, 73% of professionals believe networking is crucial for career success? While you may have pre-arranged meetings with essential contacts, a well-crafted social media post can serve as a friendly invitation to everyone else.

Fun fact: According to a recent HubSpot survey, 85% of professionals prefer in-person or online networking events as their top choice for expanding their professional circle. So, by sharing your excitement about the event and letting them know you’re looking forward to connecting, you’re not only leveraging the power of networking but also aligning with the preferences of your peers.

In fact, posts about attending events receive 30% more engagement on average compared to regular posts, according to Buffer. Sharing your enthusiasm for Digital X can truly make your network stand up and take notice. It’s all about building those valuable connections and making the most of this fantastic opportunity!

How can you write the perfect pre-event post? Simply read on!

Crafting the perfect pre-event post:

To make the most of your pre-event posts, here are some best practices backed by data:

• Use event hashtags:
Incorporating event-specific hashtags like #DigitalX and #BeDigitalStayHuman in your posts will give your content an extra boost. Did you know Buffer statistics show tweets with hashtags receive 55% more retweets on average? This ensures that your followers see your content and are discoverable by event attendees and enthusiasts.

• Mention relevant people:
If your post is relevant to specific individuals, don’t hesitate to mention them using the “@” symbol. Personalized mentions can spark conversations and increase engagement. In fact, posts with personalized messages get 41% more click-throughs, according to Campaign Monitor.

• Highlight your company’s booth:
If your company has a booth at Digital X, mention it in your post. Include the booth number so interested parties can easily find you during the event. Fun fact: Posts stating a booth or location receive five times more engagement, as Eventbrite statistics show.

• Share your interests:
Provide a brief list of the topics that excite you the most about Digital X. Did you know that content related to specific interests gets 22% more engagement, as studies by Social Media Today have shown? This gives your network insight into your interests and serves as a conversation starter.

• Add a call to action: 
Encourage interaction by including a call-to-action (CTA) in your post. For example, you can invite people to comment if they attend the event too. This simple engagement tactic can lead to valuable connections. AdEspresso says posts with CTAs receive 48% more engagement on average.

By following these best practices, you’ll not only boost your engagement but also create meaningful connections and make the most out of your Digital X experience!

Pre-event post examples for inspiration:

Are you feeling inspired yet? Our collection of catchy pre-event posts provides you with the perfect starting point to craft your own engaging messages effortlessly. Whether you prefer a friendly tone, a neutral approach, or a professional touch, these examples will kickstart your creativity and help you share your excitement for Digital X 2023 in style!

• Post 1: 

Hey there, fellow Digital X enthusiasts! 🚀 Can you feel the excitement building up? I can’t wait to dive into all things digital at #DigitalX 2023. Let’s connect and make this event unforgettable! Drop a comment if you’ll be there too. 🤝 #BeDigitalStayHuman

• Post 2: 

Anticipation is building as we count down to Digital X 2023! 🚀 Join the conversation and share in the excitement. Follow event hashtags like #DigitalX and #BeDigitalStayHuman, and let’s connect before the event begins. See you there! 👋 #DigitalX2023 #Networking

• Post 3:

I anticipate participating in Digital X 2023 and am eager to explore the latest digital trends and insights. What is your must-see at the upcoming Digital X? #DigitalX #ProfessionalNetworking

Now, let’s count down the days to Digital X 2023!

Digital X 2023 is just around the corner, and your social media presence can set the stage for a successful and engaging experience. By posting about your attendance before the event, using event hashtags, mentioning relevant individuals, highlighting your booth, sharing your interests, and including a call-to-action, you’ll be well-prepared to maximize your networking opportunities.

So, prepare to make your mark at Digital X or any other event you plan to visit! Announce your attendance, connect with your network, and be part of the pre-event excitement. We can’t wait to see you there!

Photos by Alexandre Pellaes on Unsplash; Evangeline Shaw on Unsplash; The Climate Reality Project on Unsplash; and Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash