Mastering LinkedIn etiquette: How to comment like a pro

Mastering LinkedIn etiquette: How to comment like a pro

By Ready For Social | Mar 28, 2023

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networking platforms, with over 700 million members worldwide. With so many professionals and businesses interacting on the platform, commenting on LinkedIn posts can be an effective way to build your personal brand, network with like-minded professionals, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

But let’s be honest! Commenting on LinkedIn is more than just typing a quick response and hitting “post.” And you are not the only one struggling to come up with clever ideas on what to say to other people’s social media content. 

We collected 10 tips to make the most out of your comments, engage in meaningful conversations, and look great on social media.

1. Start with a friendly greeting.

Like in real-life conversations, starting your comment with a friendly greeting is essential. Begin with a simple “Hi [name of the person who posted the update]” or “Hello, everyone” to create a welcoming tone and show that you are engaging in a conversation.

2. Be genuine and authentic.

People can easily spot insincerity and flattery from a mile away, so make sure your comments are authentic and genuine. If you genuinely agree with the post or have something valuable to add to the conversation, let your personality and enthusiasm shine through.

3. Add value to the conversation.

When commenting on LinkedIn, your goal should be adding value to the conversation and providing insights or perspectives others may not have considered. If you’re sharing your opinion, back it up with relevant data, statistics, or personal experiences to help others better understand your point of view.

4. Keep it professional.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, so it’s crucial to keep your comments professional and avoid any language or content that could be considered offensive, inappropriate, or unprofessional. Before hitting “post,” ask yourself if your comment is something you would be comfortable saying in a face-to-face conversation with your colleagues or business partners.

5. Be respectful.

Even if you disagree with someone’s opinion, being respectful and avoiding personal attacks or criticism is essential. Keep your comments focused on the topic at hand, and avoid making assumptions about the person or their motives.

6. Use @mentions.

If you’re responding to someone’s comment, use the @mention feature to tag their name and ensure they receive a notification of your response. This practice can help keep the conversation organized and allow others to follow along.

7. Engage with others.

Don’t just limit your comments to the original poster. Engage with other commenters and show interest in their opinions or experiences. This habit can foster a sense of community and encourage others to join in the conversation.

8. Keep it concise.

While providing value and insights is important, keep your comments concise and to the point. Long-winded comments can be overwhelming and may deter others from engaging in the conversation.

9. Proofread before posting.

Before hitting “post,” take a few extra seconds to proofread your comment and ensure there are no typos, grammatical errors, or other mistakes. This step can help you come across as more professional and polished.

10. Follow up.

Follow up and continue the conversation if someone responds to your comment or asks a question. Showing you care and are genuinely invested can help establish a deeper connection with others and showcase your expertise and knowledge in your industry.

The reasons behind commenting on LinkedIn

You might wonder why you should spend time and effort commenting on your network’s posts. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you want to gain more visibility and position yourself as ​an expert in your areas of interest on LinkedIn?​
  • Do you want to build deeper relationships with your clients or other stakeholders?​
  • Is your goal to influence your clients in their decision-making process?​
  • Do you want to spread your business’s message across a global stage?
  • Do you aim to start interesting conversations with other professionals and expand your knowledge?​
  • Is your mission to connect with new, exciting people or clients?​

If you just answered one of these questions with “yes,” commenting on LinkedIn is the way to go. After all, comments generate approximately 50% more views than “likes” and up to 80% more views than sharing posts. Commenting on the comments of others can increase engagement by up to 200%.​

Examples of thoughtful LinkedIn comments

You can often rely on the first thing that comes to your mind when reading somebody’s post. You could use this to:​

  • Compliment something somebody has achieved throughout their career and say why or what you like about it.​
  • Ask a question​. Follow-up questions show your interest in a topic and the person behind it.
  • Share your opinion, view, or insights, but pay attention not to sidetrack the debate.
  • It’s also okay to disagree. Just remember always to stay polite​.

It’s your turn. Start commenting away!

As you can see, mastering the art of commenting on LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for building your personal brand and networking with other professionals. By following our tips, you can engage in meaningful conversations, add value to the community, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Commenting on LinkedIn can be a great way to showcase your expertise, share your opinions, and learn from others in your industry. Remember to keep your comments professional, respectful, and genuine while adding value to the conversation. Also, don’t be afraid to engage with others, use @mentions, and follow up on comments to keep the conversation going.

By investing time and effort into commenting on LinkedIn, you can gain more visibility, build deeper relationships with your clients and stakeholders, influence decision-making, spread your business’s message, connect with new people, and expand your knowledge.

So, what are you waiting for? Start commenting away and see how it can help you build your brand, network, and business on LinkedIn.

How has commenting helped build your brand, network, or business? Or have you struggled to find the right words in the past? We are excited to hear about your experiences. 

Photos by Jenny Ueberberg on Unsplash; Wes Hicks on Unsplash; and Daniel Thomas on Unsplash.