Welcome to Your New Social Media Platform from ReadyForSocial, Exclusively for RapidScale and Cox Business Partners!

By connecting with this free service you will have access to the latest in technology news, general business articles and RapidScale content with pre-written social media captions that you can personalize.

The Autopilot feature makes it simple for you to decide what topics you want to share about on what days. Our professional writers will make you look awesome on LinkedIn and other platforms while keeping you in control. We will always write in your voice and give you the final say.

Register now - it takes just 1 minute!

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  2. Our team will review the account and send you activation confirmation within 24 hours
  3. Connect ReadyForSocial to your LinkedIn (and maybe also Twitter) – knowing your password helps. If you don’t, just sign up from the browser where you store your passwords and let it auto-fill.
  4. Configure your personal Autopilot
  5. Take a quick tour around the ReadyForSocial page

Let’s go!

In addition, Look for the invites coming from Ready For Social to learn how to:

  • Improve your online profile
  • Get started and grow your corporate LinkedIn page with Ready For Social posts
  • Engage and sell using LinkedIn
  • Grow your personal connections online

If you have any suggestions or questions about the program please reach out to the Ready For Social team (info@readyforsocial.com) or speak with your RapidScale Cloud Solution Consultant.