Ready for Social Story

Why Social Media in B2B? 

Rise of social media is not news anymore, it is a norm for a full generation of consumers. You can call them Millennials, you can call them Generation C -  they are there. Consumer companies already noticed it and employ smart startegies how to seize the opportunity. Now the wave of opportunity is coming to B2B. Engagement in social media is important, it is credible and it is new to many B2B organizations. That is why Ready For Social™ exists.


Who Are We?

Milan and Sander are both business professionals with decades of experience and intense exposure to potential and power of social media. We founded Ready For Social™ to help B2B organizations, big and small, to succeed in transforming their sales and marketing using social media.


How do we do it?

The  Ready For Social™ Tool

                            Content management -  safe repository for all messages you want your company to share in social media  

 Out of the box integration with most relevant B2B social media platforms: LinkedIn and Twitter 

Ease of use: All content easily accessible to your staff to work with on desktop, tablet, smartphone thanks to our responsive design  

World class analytics with Content Analysis showing the performance of your content and quality of engagement and Domain Comparison and Outreach Lists giving you hints where to focus next



  • Built in messaging board to stay engaged with your users 
  • User management with easy and secure sign up process
  • Easy deployment from the cloud


The Thought Horizon Partnership

You can use Ready For Social™ by itself or you can leverage our strategic partnership with Thought Horizon, [a company which has ushered multiple businesses onto the social selling playing field] by choosing our acceleration program called MoveFast.

  • We will build the strategy for you  
  • Find/create the right content to share
  • Train your sales team to effectively use Social Selling
  • Create and run a program that will drive sales results
  • Set up the right metrics and measure the effectiveness of social selling using your CRM